Creative Copywriter. Meticulous Editor.

Are you struggling to nail down your brand message, produce high-converting copy, or develop engaging on-brand content?

I’m here to make your life easier. My name is Stephanie, and I write and edit compelling copy that builds brands.

My portfolio of work spans numerous top-tier brands and household names across multiple industries (including but not limited to health and fitness, tech, mechanical, real estate, and beauty).

I have expertise writing and editing a wide range of material:

  • Blog posts
  • Website copy
  • Social media posts and ads
  • Emails
  • eBooks
  • Print assets
  • Label PDP and romance copy
  • Press releases and corporate communications
  • Landing and sales pages
  • Internal messaging documents
  • Internal style guidelines
  • And much more

When I’m not busy writing or editing professionally, you can find me spending time with my two young sons, working on creating an intensive copywriting course, writing creatively, escaping into fantastic fiction, taking on HIIT workouts, or playing tennis and volleyball.

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Building Brands for 15 Years

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Are you having a tough time nailing down your messaging?

Do you struggle with creating engaging marketing/advertising assets? Or do you simply not have the bandwidth to do it all yourself?

I can help.

I am currently taking on new clients. Please see my contact information below or visit my Contact page to get in touch.

My Expertise

  • Website copy
  • Blog posts
  • Emails
  • Landing and sales pages
  • Radio and TV spots
  • YouTube descriptions
  • Label copy
  • Print ads and advertorials
  • Brochures
  • Magazine articles
  • Q&A interview-style columns
  • eBooks
  • Speeches
  • Press releases
  • Brand messaging documents
  • Internal style guidelines

Some Past & Current Brands

Portfolio Available Upon Request

What People Are Saying…

“Stephanie is one of the most dedicated people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She is eager to learn, self-motivated, and never fails to deliver.

She approaches each project with engagement, confidence, and accountability, which lends to her frequently exceeding expectations.

Stephanie’s creative copywriting is second to none; she has a knack for quickly writing copy that is on strategy. Her ability to absorb knowledge has transformed her into a marketing professional that is very sought after. For these reasons and more, she consistently earned the respect and confidence of her peers and management at Iovate.

Anyone looking to work with Stephanie will not be disappointed.”

Shaun L., Principal UX / Product Designer

“There are some people you instantaneously feel right about adding to your team. Stephanie is one of those rare professionals. She pays close attention to detail with all of her work, while meeting deadlines. She is extremely resourceful; she will leave no stone unturned. She is always willing to lend a helping hand with everyone she works with.

Stephanie can be counted on to not just get a job done, but to get it done well. And with a positive attitude that is simply infectious, she is an absolute pleasure to work with. As a manager, I found this happy word sleuth to be an asset to the team. She is a colleague everyone respected and admired. I would hire Stephanie again, without a doubt.”

Kathryn L., Experienced Marketing, Brand Management, and Creative Communications Professional

“Stephanie is a very talented, dedicated, and passionate marketer who takes great pride her work. Her creativity, writing, and overall communication skills are phenomenal and she is a great team player. Stephanie has a great ability to get things done and thrives in fast-paced, high-pressure environments. I highly recommend Stephanie to any organization looking for a self-motivated marketing professional who produces results.”

PK M., Co-Founder, Strong Athlete Inc.

“I’d highly recommend Stephanie to any company. She is extremely well organized, dependable, timely and was always an absolute pleasure to work with. She really has one of those “just get things done type attitude” which is always refreshing. She was a pleasure to work with in a team environment and was well liked by everyone that she encountered. She is a true asset to any employer.”

Shane S., Chief Commercial Officer

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